Quantum Computing 101

Quantum computing, the holy grail of the computing sector. I dream of a world where quantum computers are perfect and we can harness the holy power of quantum mechanics for computing. But, alas, that world does not exist yet; so, let’s try our best to make it a reality by learning about quantum computing right now. YES, YOU AND RIGHT NOW! You come along, ina journey through learning about quantum computing!

Quantum physics

Before understanding quantum computing we have to learn some basic quantum physics. It’s a bit complicated, but trust me you can do it!


Superposition gives qubits (quantum bits- don’t…

Explaining VQEs and how I used them to find the ground state of N2, LiH and O2

If you have tried to learn about VQEs you’ve probably been really confused about what they are. I know I was. This is largely due to the big words that get thrown around. So I’ll try to provide an easy understanding with minimal long words. So how do VQEs work?

How VQEs work

Before I explain how VQEs work here are a few definitions that may help your understanding:

Hamiltonian: The hamiltonian is a matrix that discribes the possible energies of a molecule

Qubit Mapping: Is a process to encode information on a qubit

Ansatz: This is an educated guess of something like…

Using RL to simulate a company environment

Berkshire Hathaway made net 81 billion dollars, Apple made net 55 billion dollars, 1 in 12 businesses went out of business this year and about 98,000 businesses were permanently closed due to covid-19.

So what separates big companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Apple from the other 1 in 12 businesses that close per year? How can you make companies make as much money as possible to prevent them from going out of business?

Why not use AI? [Insert joke about AI start-ups getting funded like crazy by VCs]

So that’s what I did. using reinforcement learning, I simulated a company…

Are you comfortable right now? Are you comfortable at your job? It’s likely at one point in your life you wanted to be something better than your doing right now. Maybe you wanted to be an astronaut, a lawyer, scientist, CEO of the next Apple or whatever.

It’s not unreasonable to you have had dreams of something better but why did you not achieve your goals. You could say your grades weren’t good enough or you didn’t get that job because the interviewer was biased.

Or you could have been comfortable thought out your life. Don’t get me wrong You…

A Quick Guide to DQN

I’m sure you’ve seen a clip of a reinforcement algorithm playing a game before? Something like this one from Google Deep Mind of a DQN playing the Atari game - Breakout:


But how does it actually work? What the heck is a DQN? When would this actually be used in real life? So sit down and prepare to have your DQN questions answered and maybe look at just a few more games being played by an AI.

What is a DQN

A DQN is a subset of reinforcement learning. DQNs are simpler than regular reinforcement learning, making it a lot more practical for…

GANs for People in a Hurry

“Generative adverisal networks is the most interesting idea in the last ten years in machine learning”

Yann LeCun, Facebook AI research director.

GANs are an awesome and relativity new idea in machine learning (ML). In this article, I will explain what GANs are, types of GANs and their benefits, show some companies doing amazing things with GANs and I’ll explain how to make one yourself.

What’s a GAN?

So what are these magical algorithms? GANs (Generative Adverisal Networks) are usually two (Convolutional Neural Network) and are made up of a generator and a discriminator which are adversaries. The easiest way to explain this…

So what am I talking about A BUG that can what? Am I going crazy? No, I don’t think so. Bugs are usually related to stinky, disgusting things like garbage. So how can they make our world cleaner? Well, it’s actually only one bug. Clanger cicada's natural physical structure can destroy bacteria. Well, it’s wings.

A Cicada on a piece of wood

So How Does the Wings Kill Bacteria?

The clanger cicada wings kill bacteria using physical properties instead of the usual chemical properties we use to kill bacteria. The wings of the cicada have tiny 200 nanometres (a nanometre is one billion times smaller than a meter) tall nanopillars (nanopillars are tiny cones)…

A guide on how AI is and will continue to revolutionize the space industry


Current Uses


Space Exploration

Asteroid Detection

Satellites-The Data Crunch


Predicting Hurricanes

Debris Problem

Habitat Building

Potential uses


Reducing Battery Usage

More Potential Uses For AI In Space

Key Takeaways

When you think of AI in space, you probably think of one of these characters.

C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars Credit: starwars.fandom.com

Before modern computers were even made, science fiction was planting ideas in our brains of AI in space. Unfortunately, the AI we have in space isn’t that cool. Although we do need AI in space because space is a challenging place. Some tasks require extreme precision that humans aren’t capable of achieving.


No, this is not a new vacuum but it could power 31,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 vacuums per second at only 25% efficiency or what energy would be needed to become a Type II civilization on the kardashev scale or about one million years of electricity for our current usage and all that electricity would be green! A Dyson sphere is a solid spherical hypothetical megastructure that can harness almost all the power output from a star by encompassing a star with solar panels or mirrors and it is necessary if we ever want to become an interstellar species. It is so necessary that…

Firstly, I will be using the Fico score method of calculating credit scores; which is what most lenders will use to calculate your credit score. Also, anyone looking to get a credit card should do more research and compare multiple credit cards from different banks to get the best outcome for your personalized credit card needs.

Credit cards can save you money! But how? I’m glad you asked. Lenders run your credit score to determine how good you are at paying back money and what interest rate they will give you for loans. The higher the credit score you have…

Thomas Lawrence

I’m a curious 16 year old. I’m interested in space, AI and many other things.

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